Our offering

We offer comprehensive alternative investment solutions, encompassing direct investments, pooled offerings, and access to premium managers.

Sectors we are interested in

SaaS (software as a service)
Electric (EV) & smart vehicles
Music royalty & investing
Aerospace & defense
Fund investments
Digital communication
Alternative foods
Industry automation
3D printing
Photo of basemark AR technology
Artificial intelligence
Residential real estate
Logistics real estate
Retail real estate

Western Standard Companies

We work exclusively with industry-leading names and experts

We focus on the US, Europe, and Israel directing our attention towards companies that adhere to Western standards of accounting and governance and may avoid opportunities arising out of China and India.

We extensively analyze each investment opportunity, focusing on proven business models that have operating track records of generating growing revenues streams and increasing profitability.

Unlock Private Markets’ Potential


The valuation at which one can get the shares varies widely depending on the source of the shares. It is not unusual to see shares of companies being offered at 50%+ premium to what they really trade for on the grey market. Sourcing shares at the right price is essential in order to secure better returns.

We are continuously leveraging our strong network among clients, entrepreneurs, investment bankers and venture capitalists. To ensure that the ownership of the shares is fully secured we make use of registered broker-dealer.

We partner only with industry leaders to maximize returns.

Pierre Gabris,
Founder & CEO