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We specialize in private market solutions and provide access to the best deals to achieve exceptional performance.
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We offer comprehensive alternative investment solutions encompassing direct investments, pooled offerings, and access to premium managers.

Transformational investing is at the heart of what we do. We seek to create long-term sustainable returns for our clients and lasting positive impact for all our stakeholders.

Pierre Gabris,
Founder & CEO

Our philosophy

Long-term sustainable returns

At our core, we are committed to investing our own capital and time into everything we do, aligning our interests with those of our clients. By investing our own resources, we have a strong commitment to our clients and their success. Our achievements are directly linked to theirs and we are motivated to work towards the same goals.

What we evaluate in a company before investing

Solutions to a problem or need in the industry
Exit opportunities
Experience, backgrounds and strengths of the management
Competitive advantages
Customer benefit and added value of a service or a product
Market size, business scalability
ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance investing)
Valuation of the company

Goldbach Capital

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At Goldbach Capital we are determined to be innovative, creating new ideas, offering new approaches, and never taking things for granted.
Pierre Gabris
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Nicolas Gabris
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Niclas Homann

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