Get access to leading private market opportunities through crowdfunding.
  • Focus on venture capital (VC) and pre-IPO opportunities
  • Investor network of 500+ clients
  • Minority shareholder alongside investors in all funded companies

Our position in growth funding companies

investment Process

What Goldbach
can offer


How our investment process works

  • First contact
  • Network, referrals
  • Attending industry events, monitoring startup ecosystems
  • Preliminary review of company
  • Assessment of the business potential
  • Ensure alignment with our investment focus
Due Diligence
  • Recommending a legal advisor
  • In-depth analysis of commercial, legal and tech data
Investment Decision
  • Preparation of the investment materials
  • Subscription period starts
  • Investment / Shareholders agreement
Closing the Deal
  • Closing the round
  • Transferring the funds
  • Registration process of the new shares and shareholders
  • Company reports to investors every quarter