About us

At our core, we are committed to investing our own capital and time into everything we do, aligning our interests with those of our clients. By investing our own resources, we have a strong commitment to our clients and their success. Our achievements are directly linked to theirs and we are motivated to work towards the same goals.

We operate independently

Sustainable, long-term values

Independent, we prioritize our clients' needs and goals. We operate without any external influence or bias, making decisions solely based on our clients' in the best interest of our clients. Our emphasis lies in generating sustainable, long-term value, rather than pursuing short-term gains.

Broad experience

Drawing from our extensive experience across diverse industries, we take a multidisciplinary approach in all aspects of our business

Skills and Knowledge

Our diverse range of skills and knowledge is integrated into various facets of our business, leading to a comprehensive and well-rounded approach

in-Depth Expertise

We can provide the advantages of access to research, potential investment opportunities, and ideas for investments that potentially achieve higher returns compared to traditional investments

Extensive Network

Through our large network, our clients have a wider range of resources and connections to tap into, potentially leading to better informed investment decisions

Our experts

Pierre Gabris

Nicolas Gabris
Nicolas Gabris

Niclas Homann
Niclas Homann

Clemence Rusek
Clémence Rusek

Betrand Molliere
Bertrand Molliere

Cornelia Daniels
Cornelia Daniel

Samira Sharifi Rubido
Samira Sharifi

Juan David Giraldo Ballesteros